Super Snowed-In Super Bowl Sunday

We really did have plans for the Super Bowl.  We were going to go over to our friend's place for some laid-back time with his son and some other friends.  Wings and junk food were promised, and we were thinking about what we'd contribute to this bash.

Then the blizzard hit.  At first, we were promised only 1-3 inches Saturday night.  But we woke up Sunday morning and it was still snowing, and heavily!  We started texting: "Are you still planning on having super bowl at your place," etc.  Then, we discovered that forecast 12-16 inches of snow.  So nobody was going anywhere.

But what about our wings?  It's a tradition in our household to have some type of fried chicken product on Super Bowl Sunday.  Often, it's wings.  (Mine really are quite good.  Crispy and with just the right combination of Tabasco heat and a little more flavor derived from Louisiana Hot Sauce.)  One time, it was a WHOLE fried chicken (click here for the post)! 

A quick check of our fridge told us we did NOT have extra wings around.  However, we did have a package of organic boneless skinless thighs.  Having discovered that pan frying and then roasting these thighs produced crispy results, we decided to go for that.  (Basic Steps: 1. Salt and pepper and then dredge chicken pieces in Wondra or flour; 2.  Pan fry in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil until both sides are browned; 3.  Roast in 475 degree oven for about 15 minutes.)

Then, while the wings were roasting, I made my sauce of melted butter, Tabasco, and some secret ingredients (which had to take the place of Louisiana Hot Sauce which we did not have anymore of!).  Then the roasted and crispy thighs had a bath in the hot sauce, and then plopped onto our plates.

We also took some leftover pizza sauce I made earlier in the week and put that on Will's French baguette (sliced lengthwise) along with some shredded mozzarella.  Then some torn basil on top once the "pizza" bread came out of the oven. 

On the whole, a slap-dash effort that produced slightly healthier (well, the thighs were skinless and roasted in the oven!) versions of the traditional wings and pizza for Super Bowl Sunday!


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