Happy Valentines--And Presents for Me?!

Happy Valentines Day!  Yes, Will got me these flowers.  They were at just the right point of starting to open up when he got them for me, and I'm looking forward to several more days of all those many petals opening up and revealing ever more velvety layers beneath.

As beautiful as the flowers were, perhaps I was more delighted by what else he got.  We don't actually celebrate Valentines as a romantic event.  In fact, because the last two Valentines fell on a weekend that led to a rare company holiday for Will (President's Day), we'd been taking advantage of the extra time by going down to southern Illinois to visit his family.  So Valentines dinner actually is at an Indian or a Vietnamese buffet restaurant with a bunch of people.  No candle-lit lobster dinners for us!

So, these aren't exactly "Valentines" gifts, but they were presented with quite a bit of fanfare nevertheless.  Ta-dah!

We are sort of addicted to Costco's Kirkland label Tuscan (sorry, "Toscano") Extra Virgin Olive Oil which receives a fresh "press" each fall.  (Think Beaujolais around Thanksgiving time...)  Each year, we get our last bottle of the previous year's oil in late fall, and then anxiously await the new year's batch.  For some reason, this year's wait seemed interminable.  Maybe because they had a Spanish oil instead which made us fear that they might be discontinuing our beloved Tuscan tradition.

Well, fear no more.  When Will stopped at Costco to get me flowers (yes, that's where he gets his flowers--any problem with that?) on his way home from work, he saw someone at the next register purchasing the Kirkland olive oil.  After he paid up, he went BACK and got two bottles--just to make up for the long absence!  It looked to him like they must have just gotten them. 

Maybe this will be our new Valentines tradition!


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