A Present Given--And Received!

I’m starting to become rather expert on how to make a present for someone else work for me.  This scenario is possible if you know someone who likes gadgety things, and if those gadgets can help produce delightful items for me.

Case in point.  Would you believe Will asked for a “croissant cutter” for Christmas?  I don’t even bake much because I find the process too restrictive and unforgiving.  On the other hand, Will decided that he wanted to take precision in baked goods a step beyond measuring tapes and rulers.  He wanted to make sure that each individual croissant shape was JUST so, JUST perfect, JUST the same size as the others.

I’m not one for indulging Will on such matters, and I told him immediately that I refused to get him a croissant cutter for Christmas.  (Imagine a sneer and a snort of contempt with the emphasis there.)  But, here’s the thing.  He really seemed to want one.  And then I thought about the benefits I could reap by letting him have a present that he asked for--and which he was going to get on his own if he didn’t receive it for Christmas...

Well, last weekend, Will baked the most scrumptious croissants, pains chocolats (he asked for chocolate batons too!), and cheese sticks.  He thinks these were his best croissants yet…but he needs further practice in the coming weeks.  Yippie!


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