A Flaky, Simple Apple Galette for the Holidays

Bon Appétit calls it a “Salted Butter Apple Galette” (from their November 2014 issue), but I think of it also as a rectangular crostada.   Whatever you call it, I think it’s yummy!  Surprisingly, Will—who actually baked it, and bakes most desserts in our household—wasn’t as keen on this.  I—who usually roll my eyes when Will wants to try yet another new recipe—thought that this was definitely a winner.

So, click here for the original recipe, and then let me tell you why I like it.

Simple Crust
There’s something simpler about crusts for crostadas and galettes and tart tatins.  “Apple Crostada” and “Apple Galette” and “Tart Tatin” all seem to have in common the idea that the “Apple Pie” is just as tasty when the crust isn’t labored over and crimped and double-layered.  (Though, of course, the pie is also delicious!)

Apple Slices
Perhaps it’s the fact that apples don’t have to be peeled.  Or perhaps the fact that it gives us another excuse to use one of our cheapest and favorite kitchen implements: the plastic mandolin.  Anyway, the combination of not having to peel and being able to use the mandolin (for those lovely layers of apples!) makes the work for this dessert less laborious.  (Hmmm.  I sense a common thread in all this.  Less work!)

Brown Butter
I love brown butter flavor in desserts.  I love it in Brown Butter Poundcake, in my favorite Pumpkin Pie recipe (click here), and here in this galette.  It lends flavor without having to add too much sweetness.  In this recipe, you only sprinkle 3 tablespoons of sugar on top of the apple slices!  Yet you get a nutty, slightly salty, slightly sweet, buttery concoction.

But I wonder whether that’s also the reason why Will isn’t as fond of this recipe as I am.  (He couldn’t quite identify why, himself.)  There are people who need sugar more, and people who need fat more.  While I personally like both, I’m more a fat person.  I don’t mind the less sweet, as long as there is plenty of fat.  Perhaps those who grew up on sweet and syrupy pie fillings don’t like the idea of NOT having the extra dose of sugar…?

Anyway, I think you should think about this as a possible addition to your Thanksgiving meal, especially if you want something lighter at the end of a heavy meal.


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