Katic Breads at Our Local Farmer's Market

Last month, we visited our local farmer’s market for the first time in a while.  I’m not quite sure why we forgot that we were within 5 minutes walking distance of our really quite decent market (more on that in another post), but alas we did forget.  And that’s really too bad.  For we discovered—apparently new for this year?—a new stand that we love so much that we’ve been kicking ourselves for not having enjoyed it the rest of the market season!

Katic Breads has some of the most wonderful croissants and breads that I’ve had in the United States.  Yes, I know, that is pretty serious praise.  I will be clearer about this.  We like Katic Breads’ croissants better than any croissants we’ve had with the exception of a place in the north Marais neighborhood of Paris which received the first place prize for croissants in the Paris croissant competition.  (You should know that we visited MANY boulangeries and patisseries during our 4 weeks in France the last two summers.) 

We also like Baker and Nosh which has very buttery and caramelized croissants, but they tend to be on the small side, and are more expensive to boot.  Katic’s croissants (pictured above), while not quite as caramelized on the bottom, still have beautiful crusts on top and bottom and have the MOST lovely layers and are large and flaky and an absolute bargain at $2. 

Their chocolate croissants (at $2.50) have some seriously good dark chocolate, and it’s best served slightly warmed so that the chocolate could melt a bit and expand into more crevices. 

Their almond croissant ($3) is reminiscent of the first really good almond croissant we had when we visited a boulangerie near Rue Cler in the 7th arrondissement in Paris in 2003.  Katic’s almond croissant (pictured below) has sweet almond filling in the middle as well as covered over the top and crusted over and then sprinkled with toasted almond slices.  Heavenly!  They also offer an almond-chocolate croissant for the same price as the almond croissant, but really that’s almost too much.  We like enjoying each flavor separately—for maximum effect.

And, my goodness, the raisin walnut bread!  When I overheard the lady at the stall talking about a Winter Share program, I signed up right away.  I sent in my order form with a check and will be waiting with bated breath for my first pick-up of Katic Breads in mid-November!


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